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There are of course thousands, should I say, hundreds of thousands of businesses out there that claim to be the ‘all fit’ SEO you need to rank your website at the top of Google and Yahoo.

The RankingCoach SEO company is one of these, and whilst adored by some the automated approach is not right for all.

Visit BeAkira at for more details today.

Visit To Get Started For $28.99 Today.

At we believe we are the true RankingCoach SEO alternative, providing a unique, custom and highly personalized SEO alternative to our customers. Ranking Coach may be one of the finest ‘automated’ SEO solutions out there, but at BeAkira we go steps further by becoming a branch of your marketing team. A team you can rely on for just $28.99 to get you, and more importantly keep you on Page One of the search engines.

If you are looking for more than just bells and whistles for your SEO, but an experienced team in the industry since 2000; and you are considering RankingCoach as your SEO solution, before you dive in drop us a line at where one of our team will be delighted to go into detail as to why you should consider our personal service as an alternative.

Getting to the top of Google and Yahoo is how you will drive new visitors to your website and in turn bring new customers also.

That’s why at BeAkira our SEO service is very, very different to what you will find from RankingCoach, why? Because we do it for you — 100% manual and never automated.

For more information visit BeAkira at Today.

The RankingCoach SEO Alternative For Your Business — Just $28.99.

Visit Us @ -> We provide Page One Search Engine Positioning, Rankings and Social Media Marketing For Your Website Business For Just $28.99.

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